In celebration of the launch of the Furryest Pets Brand 
Claim Your FREE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar our gift to you and your furry best friend!
Ensure Your Furry Friends Are Safe When Out At Night!
  • Keep your dog visible and safe, this bright collar will help drivers see them well in advance during evening walks.
  •  USB rechargeable battery (cable included), the rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of illumination per hour of charge. 
  • Collar has 3 modes controlled with a switch on the collar, Solid Light, Fash Blink, Slow Blink.
  • This well-constructed, nylon collar sturdily built collar can be used for a long time. 
  • 60-80 hours battery life, (2-3 months!); battery is replaceable, and can be bought in convenience stores
  •  Variety galoor; comes in 6 colors and 4 different sizes to fit your special pooch!
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From: Furryest Pets
RE: Free Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

Every year thousands of household pets get killed on roads around the world due to low visibility. 

Furryest Pets has a passion for ensuring you have the best tools available to ensure your furry family members have the best chance of surviving some of the most tragic accidents that affect them.

Thus we are launching our brand by ensuring your pet has a fighting chance for whatever situation life may bring their way.

On the next page, you also have the option to order more life-saving LED collars for your other pets as well.

The Furryest Pets Team

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